About Us

Pratibha Bikash Abhiyan: Trust of the society . The sole motto of this Abhiyan is to draw out maximum the hidden inner qualities in individuals reading in schools, high Schools, Colleges and Universities- detection of extra ordinary talents. Under this mission , once the talent is explored each every possible step is being taken for the best flourishment for social recognition.

This mission was launched in the year 1999 in Kuchinda Sub-Division. Many generous persons extended their hands of cooperation towards the Abhiyan. Many hidden talents came to light. Students with unique and unprecedented inner qualities are stimulated to pace forward with regular nourishment of inborn and acquired brilliance. This mission is fully run by people’s contribution on the basis of mass movement. The Abhiyan does not depend upon traditional system of governmental grant.

  • Enabling the new generation to meet the forthcoming complicated challenges to life.
  • Reinforcement of social responsibility upon the youth mass in context of scattered family relation

Core Value
Pratibha Vikash Abhiyan – a mission to upraise the unidentified and hidden talents emphasizes on the following farsighted values and principles-

  • Human dignity
  • Humanity
  • Social integrity
  • Social equality
  • Competitiveness among individuals
  • Attitude of helpfulness
  • Morality to come across social barriers
  • Social recognition without discrimination
  • Transformation of talents
  • To make social events memorable
  • To develop leadership quality
  • To encourage self employment
  • To cater humanly values
  • Intra and Inter competitions among students of schools and colleges.
  • Training programmes for youth to draw best out of them.
  • Capacity building measures taken randomly in different places.
  • Training camps on information technology.
  • Workshop on RTI.
  • Motivation by showing video clips.
  • Mass interviews and interactions with toppers on various fields.
  • Educational exposure visit.
  • Formation of Ex-Students’ Forum in each school/college.
  • Betterment of  school environment with special instructional feedback campaign.
  • Mantling of desire for social contribution for social cohesiveness.
  • To enhance maximum job opportunity for the unemployed youth mass.
  • Recognised talents are awarded with Pratibha Scholarship sponsored by generous and eminent persons.